Twitter is planning to stream live video 24/7

Anthony NotoGetty Images/ Brian AchTwitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto

Twitter is going to get 24/7 live video, according to the company’s COO and CFO Anthony Noto.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Noto said: “We will definitely have 24/7 content on Twitter. Our goal is to be a dependable place so that when you want to see what’s happening, you think of going to Twitter.”

Noto hasn’t said which shows are coming or when, but the company will cover sports, news, and entertainment programming.

Some of the new shows will be unveiled at next week’s NewFronts, an annual marketing event where media firms try and drum up advertising business. According to BuzzFeed, Twitter will introduce some of its new shows to try and find some big advertisers.

Twitter recently lost NFL, its biggest livestreaming video partner, to Amazon. Twitter had paid $US10 million (£7.8 million) for its original deal last year, but Amazon paid $US50 million (£39 million) for the same rights earlier this month.

Nonetheless, Twitter’s still pursuing live video. According to Noto, live video is good for conversion rates and it means Twitter can offer TV-style 15- to 30-second unskippable ads, which can generate major advertising dollars. But Twitter hasn’t actually said how much it earns from ads against live video, and missed analyst estimates in its most Q4 earnings. The company reported its first quarter earnings today.

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