Twitter Is One Step Closer To Bringing Retargeted Ads To Mobile

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Twitteris preparing to officially launch retargeted ads on its platform,
reports AllThingsD.

The social network has been testing retargeted ads since July.

As with other types of retargeting, this means users will start seeing ads on Twitter based on their Web browsing history.

However, unlike Facebook, which for now only retargets on desktop, Twitter could bring retargeting to mobile devices.

Twitter is a very popular service among mobile users (more so than other social networks), and so it sits in a unique position to really tie together fragmented mobile and desktop browsing habits. According to its third quarter earnings report, 76% of Twitter’s 232 million monthly active users access the service via a mobile device.

No word yet on whether Twitter is preparing to launch its own ad exchange, wherein advertisers working with DSPs can bid on retargeted ads in real-time. To learn more about social media ad exchanges, check out our recent report on FBX.

In Other News …

According to a recent survey by market research firm Lab42, 94% of Pinterest users said the social network has influenced their holiday preparations in some way. What’s more, respondents said that the most popular use of Pinterest is to find new recipe ideas. (Lab42)

More than two million user passwords have been compromised on Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites. (ZDNet)

You can check to see if you were one of the users whose account was compromised, here. (HaveIBeenPwned)

Pinterest’s Head Of Engineering Jon Jenkins, is leaving the company to launch his own startup. (TechCrunch)

John Maeda, who is president at Rhode Island School of Design, is leaving the design institution and joining venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Maeda will also fill a seat on eBay’s Design Advisory Board. (AllThingsD)

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