Twitter's new double confirmation feature will save you from embarrassing social media fails

It’s becoming more and more common to hear stories of people getting fired for tweeting out something foolish, so Twitter is introducing a new feature within its TweetDeck app to help prevent the same mistake from happening to you.

TweetDeck now includes an optional tweet confirmation feature that asks you to tick a “Ready to Tweet?” box as a final check to see if you really want to pull the trigger and set that tweet live.¬†Once you check the box, you can then click the Tweet button as you normally would, but the thinking is that you might have a change of heart in the time it takes between button presses.

Here’s what the secondary confirmation looks like in action.

Twitter is also hoping the confirmation box will help people managing multiple Twitter accounts, such a social media manager, to make sure they’re not tweeting out something personal from an official account.

To turn on the feature, simply navigate to your Account tab on TweetDeck, select the Twitter account you want to enable the confirmation box on, and make sure “Confirmation Step” is toggled on.

Of course, if you want to make sure you haven’t already tweeted or posted something controversial to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can always check out the social-media digging app Clear, created by former Jeb Bush staffer Ethan Czahor after he lost his job because of past tweets.

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