Twitter Users Say They Use The Site To Influence Their Shopping Decisions

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Twitter and the research firm DB5
conducted a survey to find out how Twitter influences shoppers.
The findings revealed that Twitter is in fact a player in social commerce:

  • Twitter users are more likely to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday than the general U.S. population.
  • 78% of users said if they saw a tweet for a sale at a nearby retailer, then they would go.
  • 60% of users said Twitter plays an important role in their shopping.
  • 56% of users said Twitter is one of the first place they go to research products.

In Other News …

LinkedIn launched a new feature called Showcase Pages that allow businesses to build a community around particular products or services. For example, Microsoft built a page about Microsoft Office, and fans of that product can discuss or follow new developments. (LinkedIn Blog)

Twitter pulled the plug on its new direct messaging system that allowed any user to “DM” another. Twitter has reverted back to its original, more private system. (TheNextWeb)

comScore published a blog post on what metrics matter in social media marketing. These include “audience quality” measurements such as the percentage of returning users. (comScore)

Twitter updated its iOS and Android apps with features that let users search for photos and trending TV shows and all associated tweets. Users can now switch between search results that show all tweets or most popular tweets. (Twitter Blog)

Tencent is expanding its cloud storage service (which offers 10TB of free storage) to international markets next year. The company is also planning to launch a new photo-sharing app in the U.S. (Pando Daily)

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