Whoa. It looks like Twitter is having to evacuate its headquarters because someone burned some toast. Who did it?

Here are some tweets coming from the Twitter staff list:

  • “Nothing like a Friday building evacuation in the rain. Damn toast” from Twitter PR star Carolyn Penner
  • “It was the toaster.” from corp dev. agent Jessica Verrilli
  • “The fire drill at Twitter HQ now gives way to a tornado as the building pumps massive amounts of air to remove the toast’s smoke.” from biz dev staffer Doug Williams, who was supposedly spotted at SXSW wearing a contraband Facebook hat.
  • And platform/API maven Ryan Sarver did the maths: “Quick maths: 30 min fire alarm, 400 employees ~ $2500 for burnt toast. ooops”

And here is a photo by Dave Mitchell, accompanied by the tweet, “Toaster #fail.”

Twitter fire trucks

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