Twitter just made a huge change -- here's how people are creatively using the new 280-character tweets

Twitter rolled out its new 280 character limit for tweets on Tuesday, to both the concern and delight of many.

The platform first began testing the extended tweet lengths with a select group of users in late September, a controversial announcement that caused some to question the platform’s priorities and others, desiring to be included in the test, to turn to unofficial workarounds to gain access to longer tweets.

But with the changes officially rolling out to all Twitter users in the US on Tuesday, people quickly took to the platform to test out the increased space in creative ways.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of their best efforts:

Some felt that the new character limit had given them more than they had bargained for:

“Law and Order” used the space to quote some of the most important lines ever uttered on screen:

The NBA hoped that the extra characters would lend a touch of eloquence to any future sports complaints:

Others suggested increased specifications for properly tweeting to them:

Birds rights activists used it to sound off on an important issue:

Stephen Colbert considered what Shakespeare might have to say on the subject:

 And still others used the space to convey stirring personal narratives: 

Some cushioned their important ponderings in well-deserved empty space:

And, perhaps most importantly, there was hope that the increased space wouldn’t be abused to spread meaningless fodder:






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