Twitter: Here Are The Kinds Of Apps We Promise Not To Kill

Ryan Sarver
Twitter platform boss Ryan Sarver

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Today, Twitter finally announced that it acquired TweetDeck, one of the very biggest third-party Twitter clients out there.This effectively blows up any and all entrepreneurs trying to build third-party clients for Twitter.

This has people worried that Twitter will squash entrepreneurs building other kinds apps for the Twitter ecosystem.

One of these people is  Ara Pehlivanian, a front-end developer for HP Cloud Services.

He tweeted at Twitter PR today: “Congrats on the acquisition. The cynic in me however, questions what this does to innovation through open development.”


What kind of apps will Twitter not compete with?

Twitter PR replied to Ara’s tweet with an answer: “The big opportunities: monitoring, curation, enterprise, publishing & content.”

Everybody else? Watch out.