The Heartwarming Story Of How Twitter Helped A Little Girl Find Her Stuffed Animal

Metro News UK has a heartwarming tale about how a little girl was reunited with her lost stuffed animal through social media.

The story goes that Lauren Bishop Vranch found a “well-loved bear” at London’s King’s Cross station last Friday. She tried to give the lost bear to the train staff, but was told he’d be dropped off at Inverness Station — far away from the York-Kings Cross line she found it on. So she tweeted:

She then started using the hashtag #lostbear to try and find the stuffed animal’s owner. She documented her weekend with the bear, watching plays, hanging out in Newcastle, and staying at a hotel.

The pictures were soon picked up by the Facebook group “Spotted: On the Train.”

Post by Spotted: On the Train. Finally after a long weekend of searching, Yorkshire father Ben Simpson realised on Sunday that the #lostbear was actually his daughter Phoebe's stuffed lion Roar, who she had been missing since Friday. [image url="" alt="Stuffed bear facebook" link="lightbox" size="primary" align="center" clear="true" source="Spotted: On the Train/Facebook"] Roar is now on his way back to his rightful owner and all is right with the world.

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