Twitter just rolled out two new services for businesses to talk to customers

Twitter is releasing two new features to appeal to its business users: A new tap-to-direct-message button and a customer feedback survey. 

Now, when a user is having a public conversation with a business, that business can drop a “Send a private message” button into their response, which makes it easier for the user to slide into their DMs.

Here’s how it looks in action: 


Twitter says that its new Customer Feedback feature will help businesses better understand how they’re doing, “both to measure the quality of care and to compare with other channels.”

Here how that one looks:



In its blog post on the news, Twitter calls itself “the best place for businesses and customers to connect.”

That phrasing may be meant to send a message to Facebook, which has spent the last year completely revamping its Pages and messaging features for businesses, to make it a more attractive platform for them. 

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