Twitter Followers For Sale

twitter shirt

An Australian company uSocial is offering to get people Twitter followers for a fee, reports BBC.

The going rate is $87 for a 1000 followers.

While Twitter itself has yet to convert its hype into revenues, here is yet another business that’s making money off the micro-blogging service.

uSocial finds its customers potential followers based on location and interests. The company then sends messages to those potential followers informing them about the particular Twitter user they might want to follow. uSocial will keep finding potential users until the customer’s target followers figure is met.

Yeah, it’s a spam.

uSocial says it has about 150 customers and says it has many more businesses and individuals waiting to sign up. Among its customers is a yoga teacher and a religious man who “wants to get the word out about God.”

One way Twitter could stomp out this kind of spam and finally make some money, would be to offer it’s own less intrusive, more effective service. People would pay. Earlier this year, Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis offered Twitter $250,000 to be on Twitter’s suggested list for two years.

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