Twitter Finds Major Outbreak Of 'Australia Est. 1788' T-Shirts In Wake Of Aldi Controversy

An earlier T-shirt designs saying ‘Australia Terra Nullius since 1788’ were rejected by clothing buyers, and later, by the High Court’s 1992 Mabo decision. Image: National Library of Australia.

It seems Aldi is not alone in selling T-shirts that offend Twitter’s history buffs.

Yesterday Aldi announced it was withdrawing clothing with ‘Australia Est. 1788’ printed on it, following customer complaints that it was “racist”, driven primarily by social media.

It turns out the designs were approved by the former Labor federal Government in July last year, The Age reports, because there are strict guidelines on the use of the Australian flag.

But the saga took a new twist today when a tweet in support of the sentiment by a “proud Australian & LNP conservative” @unami22, showing a similar design in was turned to the advantage of objectors.

As a result, News Corp is reporting that Big W have also removed its T-shirts from sale.

The woman who inadvertently brought about its demise is unimpressed.

So far no-one has raised the big issue: why do T-shirts at Big W cost nearly twice as much as Aldi’s $5 version?

Business Insider will keep you updated on the latest breaking #Tshirtgate news as it unfolds.

So what’s your view on this controversy?

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