Twitter is having an internal pep-rally meeting to pump up employees

It’s been a rough week for Twitter, with a wave of high-level departures and the stock getting battered

So CEO Jack Dorsey took the stage on Thursday to rally the troops.

The effect, at least to judge by some of the effusive tweets being fired off by Twitter employees, was something between a pep-rally and a kool-aid-fuelled love-fest. 

Using the hashtag #oneteam, Twitter employees praised the company’s positive impact on social change and freedom of expression, as well as its internal culture.

The tweets appeared designed to show that employees are still eager and excited about the company, at a time when Twitter is facing numerous challenges and growing doubts about its future. 

Asked about the tweets, a Twitter spokesperson said it was simply Twitter employees “sharing why they love this company and this service,” and noted that Twitter is hiring. 

Here is a sampling of what Twitter employees are saying:








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