Twitter Does Privacy Right:The New Timeline Feature

Yesterday, Twitter announced via tweet that “[they]’re rolling out a new option for the ‘following’ page: view Tweets from the accounts a user follows, as well as a list of those accounts.” 

In doing so, anyone can now view a list of who another member is following as well as the content of those friends’ tweets. Essentially, you can effectively place yourself in front of another users computer screen.

However, acknowledging that the privacy of its user base is of the utmost importance, Twitter ensured that individuals with protected accounts – AKA: Accounts where only people who have been approved can view their tweets – are protected in two ways.

First, individuals who have not been approved by people who have protected their tweets will be prevented from viewing that users’ timeline.

Second, tweets from individuals with protected accounts will not show up in the timeline of friends that they have approved. 

Good foresight, Twitter.