Seamless Is Revolutionizing Customer Service On Twitter—Here’s How They’re Doing It

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[credit provider=”Dan Goodman, Business Insider”]

Seamless is absolutely killing it on Twitter, offering great deals to followers, responding to complaints in mere seconds, and even sometimes offering free food in exchange for answering trivia questions.In short, Seamless’ Twitter success is all about getting customers engaged with the company and creating a personable online presence.

It’s working. People love Seamless, and the company’s small army of tweeters is a part of it.

Here are a few steps you can take to leverage Twitter as a new kind of customer service platform.

1. Employ a team—yes, a team—of people solely responsible for handling talking to customers on social networks like Twitter.

2. Respond quickly to customers who tweet at you. Having a team of people, interns or otherwise, will help with this. Quick responses to customers raises your accountability as a company very quickly. Provide options for ways customers can reach you.

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3. Offer free stuff to customers who engage with you as a company, or to people having big problems. 

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4. Have a sense of humour and be human. Respond to customers who tweet at you, even if they’re not complaining about anything. 

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5. Publicly admit when you messed up or when you are wrong, then pledge to fix the issue.

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6. Ask for help. Customers love to feel like they’re making a difference. Just look at all the user-generated content on Yelp and other ratings sites.

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7. Engage users with fun little contests and spontaneous discounts. Seamless offers Twitter followers coupon codes every so often for $5 off lunch, or 10% of breakfast.

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What it all adds up to: happy customers who will use your services again and tell their friends about you.

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