This conversation with MoviePass on Twitter shows just how frustrating its customer service can be

Marvel StudiosMe, dealing with MoviePass customer service.

MoviePass is known for being a non-expensive moviegoing subscription service – but it’s also known for its awful customer service.

Whenever MoviePass posts a meme on social media, which it loves to do, the comments on the post from frustrated users usually refer to MoviePass’ poor customer service. Whether it’s users complaining about the app, or not receiving a card in the mail after months, MoviePass’ social media posts usually backfire.

I’m a regular MoviePass user, and use the service to go to the movies numerous times a month. It’s convenient, and has saved me a lot of money. But I also recently ran into MoviePass’ poor customer service, and it was a frustrating, but comical, experience.

Here’s what happened: the week that “Incredibles 2” came to theatres, MoviePass users experienced an error on the app where they could not check in to a movie. For those who don’t know how the service works, users check in to a movie at the appropriate theatre on the app and then use their MoviePass card to purchase the ticket.

On Twitter, MoviePass said that the issue was resolved. But my girlfriend and I experienced it anyway, and couldn’t check in for “Incredibles 2.” If there was an update, we didn’t see one, and didn’t really have time to troubleshoot that much. I had waited 14 years for “Incredibles 2.” I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

We paid out-of-pocket, which is fine. But MoviePass always encourages people to request a refund. So I tweeted at them my issue, and they told me to direct message them.

Here’s how it went down:

The conversation started off well enough. MoviePass immediately got back to me and asked if I could tell them my email address. I did, but a few days went by after that.


When I followed up after not hearing from MoviePass for a few days, they got back to me and asked for my phone model and operating system. It was an odd request to me, but I’m sure there was a reason for it.


What happened next is where things got frustrating. MoviePass asked for more details about the issue I had experienced, which is fine. But it seemed as though they were stalling to me. I had told them my issue, and it’s not that complicated. I couldn’t check in to a movie, which is an issue users frequently have. But it wasn’t so much that they asked for more details, which is a reasonable request — it’s what came next that was really frustrating.


MoviePass told me it was “aware” of an issue on July 6, but I had started this conversation in June. There is obviously not a lot of communication going on among the MoviePass social team, and to make that even more apparent, they then asked me to report my issue on the app!


If I had to send a message on the app, why was I taking part in this conversation on Twitter? Why ask for my email and phone operating system if they were just going to tell me to go to the app? I expressed my displeasure, and MoviePass responded with this:


There’s obviously a lack of communication going on at MoviePass about customer service strategy. It seemed like I was talking to multiple people throughout my conversation, which would make sense if there is a social/customer service team. But nobody seemed to communicate with one another – or just scroll up through the conversation.

Needless to say, I don’t know even know if I’m doing to bother trying to get that refund at this point.

If you have a MoviePass customer service horror-story, contact the writer at [email protected]

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