EXPOSED: Twitter's Food-Porn Problem

Lance Holton, Twitter Chef

Photo: @bonappetweet

You may have heard about the porn problems Twitter’s been having with its new Vine video app.Yes, well, it may have solved those—but what about the far more serious problem of food porn?

Twitter ran afoul of Apple’s prohibition on so-called “Chatroulette”-style apps that make it too easy to encounter porn.

We want to know what Apple and Twitter are going to do about this outrageous “Chefroulette” problem that makes people hungry when they watch Vine videos by Twitter chef Lance Holton.

Holton, through his @birdfeeder account, is threatening every Twitter user’s emotional well-being and level of satiety by using Vine to document the inappropriately tasty food he’s preparing for Twitter employees.

If you haven’t eaten recently, go get a snack.

Meet Lance Holton, aka @birdfeeder.

Holton's secret ingredient in mashed potatoes? Lemon.


Twitter employees pig out.

Bacon is kind of a thing. (Lest you get the wrong idea, there's lots of vegetarian food, too.)

Looks like banh mi—Vietnamese sandwiches—are on the menu.

Brussels sprouts and coconut water? We hope Holton knows what he's up to.

Vine's six-second videos are perfect for casual how-to videos. Here, Holton shows his ramen recipe.

Holton is eclectic: paleo-friendly kale chips; jook, a savory Chinese rice porridge; and smoothies.

The shy chef makes a rare appearance.

Holton even has his own Twitter parody account, @ChefLH. That's a badge of honour if you work at Twitter.

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