The Best Tweets About Twitter's CEO News

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Twitter CEO Evan Williams stepped down today, with COO Dick Costolo taking over as Twitter’s chief executive.

You can read our analysis here: In short, this is all about Twitter’s need to now grow as a business and print cash.

But the masses have been tweeting up a storm about Twitter’s CEO news.

By far the best tweet is the one that Dick Costolo himself sent a year ago, foreshadowing the news — likely unknowingly — when he first became COO.

But there are some good ones from today, too. (See more? Let us know in comments and we’ll consider adding to the list.)

First, here's Costolo's tweet from a year ago, foreshadowing today's news. Scary!

The Facebook movie makes an appearance.

Twitter cofounder Biz Stone points out that his new boss does not have hair.

Twitter PR guy Sean Garrett overhears Costolo making fun of Twitter's downtime today.

SF creative-type (and MVP tweeter) Mike Monteiro chimes in.

Ex-Googler Ari Paparo finds out the sad truth.

Comedienne and Costolo's former Google Chicago coworker Danielle Uhlarik makes a funny.

CNET's Ina Fried makes an ad joke.

CNET's Caroline McCarthy references today's outage.

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