Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey still won't ban Donald Trump over his tweets

Jack Dorsey AP ImagesTwitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

US president Donald Trump is one of the first global leaders to make daily headlines through Twitter.

After he controversially fired FBI director James Comey, Trump took to Twitter to defend his decision and goad his opposition.

Then there were his aggressive tweets about North Korea, which resulted in the restrictive regime threatening war last month.

Some people think Trump should stop tweeting, others said Twitter should proactively ban him from its platform, because they think he’s so dangerous.

It isn’t happening any time soon, according to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

He told NBC’s Today show: “I believe it’s really important to hear directly from our leadership, I believe it’s really important to hold them accountable and I believe it’s really important to have conversations out in the open rather than have them behind closed doors.”

He added: “If we were all to suddenly take these platforms away, where does it go? What happens? It goes in the dark, and I just don’t think that’s good for anyone.”

This isn’t the first time Dorsey hasĀ defended the decision not to ban Trump from Twitter. Last month he told Backchannel that he didn’t know of a better way to hold global leaders accountable — where else can politicians see immediate feedback from voters?

One of the reasons people give for banning Trump is because his tweets encourage his hardcore supporters to harass people — for example, by describing journalists and news outlets as “fake news.” A study from the Anti-Defamation League late last year found Jewish people and journalists were getting more harassment on Twitter after Trump’s election.

But Dorsey is holding fast to the policy that Trump’s tweets are newsworthy, something Twitter’s policy team takes into account. “[We’re] not taking something down that people should be able to report on and actually show that this is what the source said,” he said in February. “It’s really important to make sure that we provide that source for the right reporting, and to minimise bias in articles.”

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