SPECIAL REPORT: analysing Twitter’s Business And Opportunity

twitter special report

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Twitter is one of the hottest companies on Earth. It’s not just a breakthrough product used by hundreds of millions of people, it’s also a fascinating business case: Can it make money? Will it? How? How Much?

Those are some of the questions we at BI Research have looked at in a recent series of notes. We’ll keep adding others as we publish them.


Twitter Ads: What They Are And How They Work
Twitter has said that it wants to generate the bulk of its revenue from advertising. What, exactly, are Twitter ads? How do they perform? Read more →

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How Big Can Twitter Get? 
Twitter is currently valued at $8 billion—is that justified? How big is its market opportunity? Read more →


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INSIDERS: Twitter Ads Are A Work In Progress, But Have Tons Of Potential
We speak to insiders who have bought and used Twitter ads to get their honest take on the products Twitter is basing its future on. Read more →


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