Check Out Photos Of Twitter's New Beautiful San Francisco Office

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Photo: @TroyHolden / Twitter

Twitter has finally finished its move to its new office on three of the floors of 1355 Market Street—dumping its old offices at 795 Folsom just like it dumped the old Twitter logo.It’s in the “Mid-Market” neighbourhood in San Francisco—a moderately sketchy area, with measurably higher crime rates than the old Folsom Street office.

But we’re finally getting a peek at the new offices thanks to a new album by photographer Troy Holden. We got permission to run the photos—and the new office does look rather stunning.

It even has a tribute to Twitter’s abandoned logos.

Here's the building at 1355 Market Street. It's right in front of an underground Muni rail station and several major bus lines—though transit service in San Francisco is pretty bad.

The elevator bay is unprepossessing. We're headed up to the ninth floor. Twitter has taken three floors in the building.

Boom! Here's the reception area. You can already detect the office's Art Deco, minimalist look.

There's a little bit of art running along the walls. These pieces spell the name of the company.

The common space is huge and has a lot of modern-feeling furniture in it—with bold circular and square shapes.

Here's another part of the common room. The lighting looks subdued compared to other tech companies' digs, like Google's new SoHo office.

The employees over at Twitter love these angled couches that look like they seat four or five people.

There are plenty of spots in the common area for a quick meeting. A big chunk of the space uses Twitter's blue logo colour.

Seriously. There are lots of bright colours throughout the office.

Here's one of the conference rooms in the building. There are a bunch of wall murals throughout the space.

This is the boardroom, where CEO Dick Costolo meets with cofounder and executive chairman Jack Dorsey and the rest of Twitter's board of directors. Fancy!

This conference room looks a little more relaxed. Conference rooms are separated from the rest of the office with glass, to keep things transparent.

This is Larry's room, named for Twitter's bird mascot. It's a lounge where Twitter employees can relax.

Twitter's office even has a yoga room! Those lights look familiar—like the logo of Square, Twitter cofounder Dorsey's other company.

The common area has a bunch of snack stations, too. The food looks a little healthier than what you'll find in Google's mini-kitchens.

Here's the cafeteria, lovingly referred to as the @birdfeeder.

There's plenty of seating in the dining area for all of Twitter's new hires.

Now here's the best part—the rooftop garden of 1355 Market Street.

Twitter's employees come up here to relax. Those cranes show how much new construction is happening nearby—including condos across the street.

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