Twitter Delivers A Big Blow To Instagram

Twitter has blocked Instagram from using its API to find new friends to follow on the photo-sharing service.

The news comes after Instagram announced on its blog that it hit 80 million users. 

As TechCrunch notes, If you try to use the find friends via Twitter option in Instagram, you get an error message.

It’s true. We just tried it and got this error message:

instagram app twitter api block

Photo: Screenshot

That’s pretty annoying. We loved using this feature to find new people to follow on Instagram.

This is the second time Twitter has blocked API access to a major social network in the last month or so. In a big shock, Twitter recently cut its partnership with LinkedIn.

Instagram and Twitter used to be very friendly. In fact, Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey put money into Instagram.

But after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg swooped in and offered $1 billion to buy Instagram, Dorsey stopped using the service.

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