Twitter Award-Show Crowd Ignores CNN Host


Why listen to that quasi-familiar man on the stage when you can just gab with your friends?

Sharon Otterman, NYT: As the host of the first-ever Shorty Awards, held Wednesday night to honour the most popular Twitter users in various categories, Mr. Sanchez valiantly attempted to use his commanding CNN news voice to quiet the chattering audience. But the noise level in the lofty Brooklyn art space where the award ceremony was held reached the level of a low roar.

fuelled by vanilla and turquoise martinis (the later named a “fail whale” martini after the turquoise graphic that shows up on Twitter when the site is overloaded), the sneaker-clad crowd kept talking — and sending Twitter messages through their iPhones — as the winners got up to give their 140-character acceptance speeches. Even the hip-hop artist MC Hammer, who arrived to present some awards, couldn’t quiet the crowd down.

Perhaps the bigger news is that the New York Times sent a reporter to cover the Twitter awards. Is Twitter going mainstream or what?

Anyway, we checked the LIVE video last night (below) around 7:45pm, and a jazz band was playing while people tweeted on stage.  Now, at 5:41am, the jazz band still seems to be playing.  Must be one hell of a party.