Twitter will start automatically generating police reports about harassment

Twitter is getting even more serious about cracking down on its abuse problem. It’s rolling out a new feature that automatically creates printable reports about harassment that can be handed to the police.

CNet reports that Twitter has created a new reporting tool that makes it easy to report online harassment to the police. When filing a report, it gives users the option to receive an email report of the abuse that can then be handed to police.

Twitter explains in a blog post that the report also contains a link that police can user to request Twitter to hand over user information that isn’t public, streamlining the process that law enforcement goes through to deal with trolls.

After filing a report on Twitter abuse, it now shows this screen:

The “Email report” button will send you a document that details the harassment you’re reporting.

Here’s what an example report looks like:

Many Twitter users are choosing to report online abuse to the police in an attempt to stop harassment. Actor Ashley Judd said in a television interview that she intends to press charges against her Twitter trolls.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has promised to take responsibility for the problem of Twitter trolls. He said in a leaked memo that “it’s nobody’s fault but mine,” and admitted that Twitter “sucks” at dealing with harassment.

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