Twitter Australia Boss Wants To Turn Off Her Phone This Christmas

Twitter MD Karen Stocks / LinkedIn

Twitter Australia boss Karen Stocks wants to turn her phone off this Christmas.

The managing director is off camping on the NSW north coast, and she told the AFR she’s going to try really hard to turn off her devices.

“My goal is to not be on my device as much as I normally am, which is constantly,” Stocks said.

She said her best bet at achieving the goal is stopping her emails from syncing. A move she hopes will stop her checking her email “as soon as I get that ­little envelope up”.

“The hard thing is when you put it down beside you, it’s part of you,” she said. “You might miss out on a couple of things, but I don’t think the world is going to crash and tumble if you don’t check your phone for a couple of hours.”

Oh and there will be no phones at the Christmas lunch table.

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