Twitter Hired One Of The Best iPhone Hackers To Protect Your Tweets

Charlie Miller, Twitter security researcherCharlie Miller will make sure your Twitter account can’t be easily cracked.

Photo: @0xcharlie

Twitter has hired Charlie Miller, a well-known hacker famed for his exploits breaking into the iPhone and other mobile devices.Miller announced on Twitter that he’d left his previous employer, Accuvant, a security-research firm, and that he’d be working for Twitter from St. Louis. 

This is a really good move for Twitter.

First of all, Twitter security is a joke right now, as hackers delight in proving time and again. While Twitter’s no doubt doing sophisticated things on the backend, on the user side, it pretty much depends on passwords and linked email accounts. As Wired writer Mat Honan found out recently, that’s not enough.

Second, as Twitter gets more deeply embedded into iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, it makes sense to have someone who understands that system’s vulnerabilities—so an iPhone vulnerability doesn’t become a backdoor into a user’s Twitter account. (Ultimately, Honan’s hacking happened because of an Apple security flaw—but his Twitter account was compromised as a result.)

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