Twitter And Saynow Help Give Voice Back To Egypt

EgyptTwitter to the rescue!

Photo: Original photo: AP

As we have learned, social media is one of the most powerful things in the world right now.Some might get frustrated with other peoples’ posts and say, “I don’t want to know what other people are doing ALL the time.” However, there are times when the power of social media proves itself 10 times over.

Twitter is getting involved with the madness going on in Egypt. For those of you who have been sleeping under a log, Egypt is in a state of chaos. The people of Egypt are upset with their leader, President Hosni Mubarak. While millions protested, demanding his resignation, the government decided to turn off the Internet.

Guess who steps in? TWITTER! Go Biz, Go Ev! Combining forces with Saynow, a voicemail messaging company popularised by celebs using it to communicate with their fans, Twitter and Saynow have created a solution to help the people of Egypt communicate with the world.

Since cell phone service was cut off along with the Internet, Twitter and Saynow have created a system where anyone can tweet by calling one of these 3 numbers from a land line:

• +97316199855
• +16504194196
• 390662207294

After someone leaves a message on one of these numbers via Google’s recently acquired Saynow, it will be transcribed and tweeted with the hashtag #Egypt.

That is social entrepreneurism at its best!

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