Twitter Gears Up To Launch A TweetDeck On Steroids For Journalists

TweetDeck is already an insanely helpful tool for journalists, but it’s only useful if you know what you’re looking for.

Enter Dataminr for News, a soon-to-be released product that is the result of a partnership between CNN and Twitter.

The idea is to help journalists get the most out of Twitter by alerting them of emerging information in real time. Dataminr also offers analytics around who broke the news, and how it spread on Twitter.

In order to distinguish between accurate information and what just might be a hoax, Dataminr takes into account 25 different things to determine how legitimate the tweet is, including user influence, geolocation and momentum.

For example, false information has a different signature from true information, Dataminr CEO Ted Bailey said at a press event today at CNN. True information, he says, might come from a lot of people located in the same area, at the same time. False information, on the other hand, might only come from one person and then from a bunch of other people much later, and all located in different places.

CNN has been using Dataminr for News for about the last six months or so, and it has already helped the organisation stay ahead of its competitors. This past weekend during the mall shooting in Maryland, Dataminr For News pointed its reporters to eyewitness accounts on Twitter. It was also useful when a Beijing-bound flight had to turn around.

There’s still no word on official release date or price, but we do know that it won’t be free. There will likely be enterprise packages for news organisations.

Once Dataminr For News launches, CNN will no longer be involved in the partnership.

Check out some screenshots below.

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