Twitter Advertising Is Gaining Traction With Marketers

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TWITTER ADS GAINING TRACTION: 52% of marketers have used Sponsored Tweets, according to IZEA which surveyed 10,000 brand marketers and social media consultants. When asked last year, approximately 47% of marketers said they had used the ad product, and in 2011, only 39% had.

Meanwhile, 29% of marketers report having used Sponsored Pins, a new ad product from Pinterest, which wasn’t even available last year.

The findings indicate that marketers are pleased with the direction social media advertising is heading in, which has become increasingly more centered around sponsoring or promoting native content. (IZEA)

In Other News …

HACKING SNAPCHAT: Researchers at Gibson Security revealed a flaw in Snapchat’s code that could be exploited to obtain the phone number of any user without their permission. Business Insider’s Julie Bort interviewed the security researchers behind the hack. (Business Insider)

VERDICT ON INSTAGRAM DIRECT: TechCrunch argues that Instagram’s new private messaging feature, called Instagram Direct, lacks originality and that the company missed an opportunity to get users excited about what could have been an exciting new feature that isn’t available on competing apps. (TechCrunch)

COMMERCE COMES TO INSTAGRAM: A Brazilian-based startup, called Arco, has enabled purchasing on Instagram. Camera manufacturer Leica partnered with Arco to allow its Instagram followers to purchase its products by simply commenting “Purchase” on an Instagram photo. (Digiday)

ALCOHOL BRANDS TEAM UP WITH TRANSPORTATION APPS: Many alcohol brands are partnering with transportation apps, such as Uber and Taxi Magic, to provide their customers with discounts on car services and taxis during this holiday season. In most cases, customers have to engage with the beverage company online, such as on a social network, in order to redeem the offer. (AdAge)

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