Twitch is about to start showing all 26 seasons of Doctor Who

Picture: Twitch

Livestreaming service Twitch is gearing up to launch the sci-fi marathon of all marathons – 26 series of Doctor Who.

The Amazon-owned service, which mostly exists so gamers can watch gamers – and celebrities – play games, has teamed up with the BBC for seven weeks, starting May 29.

If you’ve missed any of the 500+ episodes, they’ll all be available, right from the original 1963 episode “An Unearthly Child”.

The episodes will screen for eight hours a day, but they’ll repeat three times so every time zone gets a decent chance to catch them all. The AEST blocks start at 4am, midday and 8pm.

And here are all the things you get if you watch marathons via a livestreaming service for gamers:

  • Exclusive Doctor Who emotes, including a new Tardis Cheermote
  • Seven episodes of Yogscast starring Doctor Who screenwriters, experts, and fans who will introduce each new Doctor and highlight the best upcoming story arcs, and
  • Chances to win Doctor Who fan packs and a grand prize of a trip to London Comic Con.

Seven weeks of back-to-back Doctor Who. That should almost get you through to the new season, starring the first female doctor, Jodie Whittaker, which starts in October.

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