Remembering The Wall Street Employees Killed On 9/11

9/11 new yorker coverThe New Yorker’s stunning 10-year anniversary cover

The terrorist attack on New York 10 years ago today impacted financial companies harder than most.Some, like Oppenheimer Funds, escaped unscathed through the blind luck of being located on a lower floor.

Most, however, lost beloved employees.

CNNMoney put together a firm-by-firm analysis of the impact.

Lehman Brothers

Victims: 1

Bank of America

Victims: 3

IQ Financial Systems

Victims: 4

Baseline Financial Services

Victims: 4

First Union Securities

Victims: 5

Morgan Stanley

Victims: 13

Fuji Bank/Mizuho

Victims: 23

Fred Alger

Victims: 35


Victims: 61

Sandler O'Neill

Victims: 66

Carr Futures

Victims: 69

Fiduciary Trust

Victims: 97

Marsh & McLennan

Victims: 295

Cantor Fitzgerald

Victims: 658

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