The 'Twin Peaks' revival has been in the works for years

Kyle MacLachlanGetty ImagesKyle MacLachlan spilled the beans about ‘Twin Peaks’ while promoting ‘Inside Out.’

The highly anticipated “Twin Peaks” reboot has been in the works for much longer than even its star realised.

While promoting the upcoming “Inside Out” at an AOL Build Q&A, Kyle MacLachlan took questions about “Twin Peaks.”

MacLachlan’s role on the show as Agent Dale Cooper is one of the defining roles of a career that also includes performances in everything from “Blue Velvet” to “Portlandia.” MacLachlan explained he has wanted to return to this role ever since the show went off the air in 1991.

“Well, I have been interested in returning to Twin Peaks as Agent Cooper for a little while now and every now and then when I would meet up with [“Twin Peaks” co-creator] Mr. [David] Lynch and we would talk about it.” MacLachlan said. “I was always sort of bringing it up and saying, ‘you know…wouldn’t it be a great idea?’ And David was very accommodating, very nice but it really wasn’t at the top of his list.”

Lynch’s last feature film was 2006’s “Inland Empire.” He is also a public advocate for Transcendental Meditation. He also occasionally talks about the weather.

After “Twin Peaks” left the air, it was followed by the 1992 feature “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me,” which Lynch directed.

Twin peaks logoYouTube‘Twin Peaks’ has had a rocky journey back to the small screen.

What MacLachlan didn’t realise, however, was that he wasn’t the only one who wanted to bring the series back.

“Unbeknownst to me, he and [“Twin Peaks” co-creator] Marc Frost got together and sort of started kicking around some ideas a couple of years ago. But he didn’t reveal anything to me until much later in the game and I was so excited. It’s perhaps my favourite character that I’ve ever done.” MacLachlan said.

The actor wouldn’t go into much detail, but he did reveal that they would be “going back sometime this fall” to begin filming.

Twin peaks screen capABC/NetflixMacLachlan in ‘Twin Peaks.’

The “Twin Peaks” series has had a rocky path back to television.

Earlier this year, it was announced Showtime would bring “Twin Peaks” back on the air. Then, the reboot was cancelled after Lynch unexpectedly left. However, it now appears Lynch will be back, and loyal fans will get the new season of “Twin Peaks” they were hoping for.

As for what this new season is about?

That remains a mystery.

“I’ve read some material,” said MacLachlan. “Nothing I can really comment on but it got me very excited as an actor.”

“Twin Peaks” will be back sometime in 2016.

Until then, you can hear MacLachlan’s voice in Pixar’s next film, “Inside Out,” which will be in theatres June 19.

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