19 things you didn't know about 'Twilight'

Summit EntertainmentRobert Pattinson starred as Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight.’
  • “Twilight” was released in November 2008 and starred Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.
  • Insider combed through “Twilight: Director’s Notebook,” which director Catherine Hardwicke released in 2009, and rounded up some fun facts about the making of the hit film.
  • For example, the iconic apple shot in the cafeteria, inspired by the “Twilight” book cover, took 13 tries to nail.
  • It was also really cold when the stars filmed the prom scenes outdoors.
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After the first “Twilight” film hit theatres on November 21, 2008, it sent fangirls into a frenzy. The movie became such a big hit among viewers that it led to an additional four films, based on novels written by Stephenie Meyer.

Avid fans who analysed the books, watched the flicks multiple times, and viewed cast interviews probably know a fair share of trivia about the franchise (like the fact that Taylor Lautner wore an itchy wig and Meyer made a cameo during a scene in the diner).

To celebrate “Twilight’s” 11-year anniversary, Insider combed through “Twilight: Director’s Notebook,” which director Catherine Hardwicke released in 2009, to find even more details about the making of the movie.

Keep reading to learn facts about how the first movie was made, from the amount of attempts it took to master the apple shot to the chilly temperature the actors faced when filming the prom scene.

One of Bella’s favourite desserts (berry cobbler) came straight from the dessert menu of a local eatery.

Summit EntertainmentBilly Burke starred as Charlie Swan.

Catherine Hardwicke sent the menu to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who included the dish into the diner scene between Bella and her dad.

Stewart’s hair was dyed and a hairpiece was added underneath her natural locks to make it look thicker.

Summit EntertainmentKristen Stewart wore a full wig for ‘Eclipse’ (the third film) because she cut her real hair shorter to play Joan Jett in the 2010 movie ‘The Runaways.’

She also wore brown contacts to match the character description. Stewart has natural green eyes.

When Pattinson first enters the cafeteria, his real life sister, Lizzie Pattinson, sings vocals on the song that plays.

Summit EntertainmentShe’s three years older than her brother.

She’s three years older than her brother.

Lizzie’s voice can be heard faintly in “Who Are They,” which is part of Carter Burwell’s score for the film.

To film the scene where Edward’s hand collides with the car in the school parking lot, they used “soft metal panels with plasticine backings that moulded” to the shape of Pattinson’s hand on impact.

Summit EntertainmentBella couldn’t understand how Edward was able to get to her so quickly, since he was on the other side of the lot.

This scene was meticulously planned out to prevent any on-set injuries.

To prepare for his role, Pattinson worked out five hours a day and learned how to play baseball, how to fight, and how to execute stunts.

Summit EntertainmentAccording to Men’s Journal, Pattinson increased his workouts by the time he had to film the franchise’s final instalment.

In order to get behind the wheel during the movie, Pattinson also had to get an Oregon driver’s licence.

Hardwicke initially envisioned Edward having “long ‘timeless’ hair,” so the film’s assistant hair stylist gave Pattinson extensions.

Summit EntertainmentPrior to ‘Twilight,’ Robert Pattinson starred as Cedric Diggory in ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.’

Pattinson “hated” it, so they scrapped the look and developed his iconic hairstyle.

The iconic apple shot took 13 tries to nail.

Summit EntertainmentThe shot was a nod to the cover of the first book.

Just as they were about to give up, it finally came together.

Two of Pattinson’s own songs are part of the movie’s soundtrack.

Summit EntertainmentRobert Pattinson also played piano in the movie.

His track “Never Think” played while Bella and Edward ate at a restaurant (and appears on the soundtrack). The other, “Let Me Sign,” was played when Bella started losing blood after being attacked by James in the ballet studio.

The process to get Rob’s skin to appear as if it was sparkling wasn’t glamorous.

Summit EntertainmentIn the books, Stephenie Meyer wrote that Edward’s skin was ‘smooth like marble.’

They tested different methods for months. In the end, they chose to scan and map his body before adding layers of effects.

The Cullen house was a brand new one that was built by a marketing executive.

Summit EntertainmentThe pristine house also included a collection of baseball bats that the family collected over the decades.

To show that the vampire family attended several schools over the years, Hardwicke came up with the idea to have a collage of graduation caps, which appeared on one of the walls.

Hardwicke knew Nikki Reed (who played Rosalie) prior to casting her, because they worked together on the movie “Thirteen.”

Summit EntertaimentCatherine Hardwicke and Nikki Reed cowrote ‘Thirteen.’

Reed starred as Evie Zamora in the 2003 movie.

The line that Edward says before running through the forest with Bella — “hold on tight, spider monkey” — was chosen by Pattinson.

Summit EntertainmentTo achieve one of the overhead forest shots, stunt doubles actually climbed up a tree and a camera was mounted on a helicopter.

Hardwicke brainstormed several potential lines for Edward to say, and Pattinson liked that one the best.

Mike’s Letterman jacket is actually from the real Forks High School.

Summit EntertainmentMichael Welch starred as Mike Newton.

The school’s colours are navy blue and gold.

The blue T-shirt that Stewart wore during the kissing scene with Pattinson belonged to Hardwicke.

Summit EntertainmentIn 2009, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won an MTV Movie and TV Award for choice movie lip-lock.

Other items of clothing in the movie, like the cardigan that Bella wore with her prom dress, were found in local stores.

During the baseball scene, Elizabeth Reaser (who played Esme Cullen) had to include gloves in her costume because it was so cold.

Summit EntertainmentElizabeth Reaser stars on ‘The Haunting of Hill House.’

Costar Reed worked with a baseball coach to perfect her swing.

For Victoria, Laurent, and James’ arrival at the baseball scene, the three actors moved along a “magic carpet.”

Summit EntertainmentThe Nomads were played by Rachelle Lefevre, Edi Gathegi, and Cam Gigandet.

They stood on a platform that was dragged by film equipment and the result was a dramatic entrance.

Part of the fight scene between Edward and James was freestyle, because Pattinson and Gigandet wanted to try the scene without choreography.

Summit EntertainmentRobert Pattinson and Cam Gigandet won an MTV Movie and TV Award in 2009 for best fight.

The scene between the two characters took place at a ballet studio.

Melted cheese was used to give the effect that Edward bit off part of James’ neck.

Summit EntertainmentRobert Pattinson went on to star in several independent films once the ‘Twilight’ franchise ended.

At one point, Carlisle had to interject and tell Edward to stop letting his rage take over.

It was 22-degrees outside when they filmed the prom scenes.

Summit EntertainmentThe actors wore heavy coats to stay were on set when they weren’t filming.

Hardwicke also said that “frequently, the sky would darken and it would suddenly hail.”

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