Here's How Much The 'Twilight' Characters Are Worth [Infographic]

Later today, the final instalment of “The Twilight Saga” will hit theatres ending a four-year run in theatres.

While hordes of teens are waiting in line to see Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson reunited on screen, we’re more interested in knowing the financials of the Forks’ inhabitants. 

Author Stephanie Meyers lets it known that the Cullens are wealthy beyond belief; however, she’s never specific about the exact amount the vampire clan holds.

For the release of the film H&R Block put together a graphic estimating the income taxes and worth of the Cullen, Swan, and Black families.

According to the infographic, the Cullens are sitting on billions of dollars while Edward has well over $45 million to care for him and Bella.

If Twilight Characters Filed Taxes

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