Twiggy Forrest Met The Pope, But Russell Crowe Misses Out

While Western Australian billionaire Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has done a deal with Pope Francis aiming to put an end to slavery , actor Russell Crowe set his sights a little lower, hoping that The Pope would pop along to a Roman multiplex to see Rusty’s new Biblical epic, Noah, which opens in cinemas next week.

A fan of social media, Rusty was spamming the Pope last month with several Tweets urging His Holiness to grab the popcorn and check out $130 million flick, which is described as “inspired by” the Biblical tale, rather than rendering it literally.

Interestingly in one tweet, Crowe signs off one Tweet to the Pope with the Arabic phrase for ‘God willing’ rather than the Latin Deo volente.
(NB. Noah is a prophet in The Koran, so no doubt some Muslims will find this depiction of him offensive.)

Meanwhile, a battle of Biblical proportions has broken out today between Vanity Fair and Paramount Pictures following claims in the magazine that Rusty was due to meet with the Pope in St. Peter’s Square tomorrow, but the Vatican cancelled the catch up.

The Noah star, who’s in Rome today for the Italian premiere, hoped to join the Pontiff’s weekly gathering but Paramount denies a meeting was scheduled according to Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently Paramount wanted it, but it seems The Vatican was a little worried that Rusty’s star power on earth might steal the limelight from the headline act in Heaven.

Looks like Paramount’s marketing department will have to wait a little longer for a sign from The Lord that will fit on the movie posters.

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