A startup celebrated being acquired by eBay by leaving trash in a park, only to return to clean it up

No, trashing a newly-renovated park in San Francisco is not a part of #startuplife.

Second-hand clothing startup Twice celebrated being acquired by eBay by throwing a small party for itself at Dolores Park. In its wake, though, was a mess of confetti and cans of beer.

Something that its CTO and co-founder Calvin Young decided to Instagram with hashtags #dolorespark, #pbr and #startuplife. 

SF Weekly was first to report the party’s mess and has even more photos of the damage left behind. Young has since removed or made private the Instagram.

After Twice was alerted to the mess it made, it decided to return to clean up the trash it shouldn’t have even left behind in the first place.

The company provided a further statement on the matter:

“We hosted a company event last night in Dolores Park and our team cleaned up afterwards. It was our mistake for not going back to check again this morning and we appreciate everyone letting us know. Since then we have gone back to clean up the park again with our founders Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young.”

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