These Tweets Show Why So Many People Hate Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is in a tricky position: It bills itself as an inexpensive airline, but defends its many fees (like for choosing a seat, checking a bag, and having a carry-on) as ways to improve the flight experience, not turn a profit.

Judging from Twitter, Spirit passengers don’t buy it. Criticisms outweigh compliments by a wide margin, and complaints are based on bad service, flight delays, and extra charges. Many are angry, others funny, and some are depressing.

Looking back over a week of tweets with the tag #spiritairlines or @spiritairline, here is a sampling of the ways Spirit Airlines manages to anger its customers.






Of course, there are some positive tweets about Spirit Airlines, though most are written when the consumer is not actually at the airport, focusing on the low prices and off-beat (though not always on point) advertising:




And then, there’s the exception to the rule:

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