Tweeting A Hollywood Colonoscopy

Mocking celebrities is fun. Mocking Twitter is fun. Mocking celebrities who tweet? Well, that can be priceless.

This from Patrick Goldstein’s The Big Picture blog in the LA Times. Comedy writer Ken Levine faux tweeting about his impending colonoscopy:

OK. Starting to take the stuff.

Ugggghhh! It tastes terrible. Mood: Irritable.

Thinking of a Staycation this year. Any suggestions where I could stay?

It’s been a half hour. When is this stuff supposed to work?

45 minutes. Still nothing.

An hour. What’s the deal???

Just filled out my All-Star ballot.

[EXPLETIVE DELETED} !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kill me NOW!!!!!!!!!!


It’s working.

Oh, Christ! I forgot. Today’s the day we scheduled an OPEN HOUSE here.

No, you can’t see the bathroom. It’s currently occupied.

Hey my legs have gone to sleep. Has that ever happened to you?

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