TweetDeck Has Been Hacked -- And This Tweet Is Getting Retweeting Over And Over Again

Screen Shot 2014 06 11 at 12.40.25 PMTwitterThis image has been retweeted more than 38,000 times, as a result of this bug.

TweetDeck, Twitter’s tool for real-time tracking and engagement of posts, is reportedly vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS), a type of computer vulnerability commonly found in web applications that allows hackers to inject script into webpages to access user accounts and important security information.

Here’s TweetDeck’s response:

According to programmer Chris Williams, Tweetdeck “is not stripping out dangerous scripting code from tweets,” which in turn allows anyone to “run Javascript in the context of another user.”

The vulnerability currently affects Tweetdeck’s browser plug-in for Google Chrome. It apparently doesn’t affect the desktop app for Mac or Windows, but you’re safer logging out and logging back in again just in case.

TweetDeck was acquired by Twitter for $US40 million in 2011.

Here are more images of what users are seeing from the TweetDeck bug.

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