This Is Why Everyone Is Going Nuts About That New Tweetbot App For iPhone

tweetbot iphone app

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Tweetbot, an alternative iPhone app to the official one from Twitter, hit the App Store today to a lot of hype.And most of it is well-deserved.

In fact, after spending some time with Tweetbot, we only have one tiny complaint: You can’t type in landscape mode.

Other than that, the app is excellent. The developers added a ton of clever tweaks that you won’t find in the official Twitter app.

Some of our favourites features include triple tapping to reply to a tweet, viewing a series of “@” mentions in a conversation view, and customising the app’s taskbar.

It reminds us of the leap forward in innovation Tweetie’s app took two years ago before it was acquired by Twitter.

Although Tweetbot is a paid app ($1.99 in the App Store), we think it’s well worth the price. Plus you won’t be subject to Twitters promoted tweets and other future annoyances like the “Dickbar.”

We’ll walk you through everything Tweetbot can do below, but first download it from the App Store here.

Here's the Tweetbot icon. Tap to launch the app.

After the tutorial, you'll see your main Twitter feed. New tweets are located above the blue bar.

Pull down the menu to load new tweets to your feed, just as you would with the official Twitter app for iPhone.

The list view is a great way to keep track of the people you want to follow. It's a nice touch.

The last two buttons on the taskbar are customisable. Tap and hold one of them to see your change it. Your options are: favourite tweets, lists, retweets, and search.

Tap the pen and paper icon at the top right of the screen to write a new tweet.

Enter the name of the person you're looking for on Twitter...

...and the results show up right away.

Tweetbot makes it easy to reply to anyone. Just triple-tap their tweet and...

...the reply window automatically pops up.

You can change the triple tap to do different things from the Settings menu.

Triple tap can be set to reply, retweet, add to favourites, or translate.

...and you'll see a full conversation view.

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