How To Watch Live TV Anywhere In Your House With Time Warner Cable's New iPad App


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Now you can watch live TV on your iPad anywhere in your house, if you’re a Time Warner Cable TV and Internet subscriber.The cable provider rolled out a new iPad app today called TWCable TV, which lets you stream live channels over wi-fi.

We just briefly tested the app, and it works!

While the channel selection is limited, and you have to sit through all the commercials, the video quality is good.

We’d love to see this app developed further, with more channels, access to our DVR shows, and “On Demand” features.┬áBut for a 1.0 product from a cable company, it’s a solid start.

When you first download and boot up the app, it asks for your TWC username and password. We forgive you for not knowing this information, but as TWC adds more Internet services like this, you should probably learn it.

When you're done logging in, video starts streaming. The channels are alphabetical, NOT arranged by TWC channel number. So A&E finally gets its day in the sun.

There is a very limited channel selection right now; about 30 of the basics, including CNBC, CNN, FOX News, Comedy Central, Food Network, Travel Channel, etc. But no broadcast networks, no ESPN, and not our favourite, the new Cooking Channel.

Most of the video played back smoothly and in rather high quality, but this infomercial on Food Network stuttered badly.

Who knew there were so many infomercials at 8 a.m. on a weekday?

Oh, and you can't skip commercials, either. That's logistics.

So, will this get us using our iPad more? Maybe a little, but we pay for a lot of channels and mostly watch the obscure ones, so we're going to need an update before it's truly useful. Still, it's a pretty good 1.0 product.

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