How To Automatically Download Your favourite TV Shows As They Air


Photo: TVShows

Let’s acknowledge the existence of piracy for a moment. It’s real and there are tools to make it easy.One such tool is called TVShows. We don’t advocate or defend piracy, but we will confess gobs of interest in the idea behind this app. Instead of you constantly searching for your favourite shows by hand, TVShows steps in and automates the process, automatically searching for and downloading serial shows as they air.

Let’s take a closer look at how it works. This walkthrough assumes you already use a BitTorrent client (we recommend Transmission).

You can download TVShows and

In System Preferences, TVShows appears under the Other heading. Click on it

Click on Add Show

You can browse the list of shows that appears here

It appears in the list of our subscriptions. Now we could sit back and wait for it to download new episodes if we want

The app is smart enough to automatically send downloads to your BitTorrent client–no need to interfere

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