TV's Loss Is Superbowl's $3 Million Gain

One of the truisms of old media is that the worse things get for broadcast TV, the better it is for the Superbowl. Reports of strong sales have been circulating for months, but now only two spots remain and Fox is in a position to demand as much as a record $3 million for the privilege, the WSJ reports.

Why? Because last year’s Bears-Colts snoozefest on CBS drew nearly 92.8 million U.S. viewers, according to Nielsen. That trounces other watercooler/event shows, like ABC’s Academy Awards with 40 million and the finale of American Idol, which drew 29.5 million.

The writers’ strike improves Fox’s position here as well, of course, since almost all of the most popular scripted shows will be in repeats in January if the writer’s strike persists. The flip side: That means no “24”, “House” or other hits shows for Fox.

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