As 'exclusives' become the priority for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, these charts show how many TV shows and movies they still share

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  • Streaming search engine Reelgood provided Business Insider charts that show the overlap between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video in movies and TV shows.
  • There is more overlap between all three in regard to TV shows than movies.
  • Exclusive shows and movies have become a key differentiator as the streaming market heats up.

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are battling for the attention of viewers and all have extensive libraries of movies and TV shows available to stream at any moment.

Charts provided to Business Insider by streaming search engine Reelgood show that Amazon has the biggest catalogue, with 12,764 movies and 2,077 TV shows. Netflix has 3,861 movies and 1,686 TV shows, while Hulu has 1,646 movies and 1,891 TV shows.

But exclusive content has become just as important as quantity as more companies enter the streaming war, and that’s evident in how little overlap there is between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

“The way we look at this long term is that our competitors will want that content on their own services,” Netflix content chief Ted Sarandos said earlier this year. “That was a bet we’ve made a long time ago when we got into original programming.”

Only seven movies currently overlap between all three services.

Hulu and Netflix share 52 movies, Netflix and Amazon share 277, and Hulu and Amazon share 530.

See the chart below:


As for TV shows, all three services share 47 series.

Hulu and Netflix share 149, Netflix and Amazon share 109, and Hulu and Amazon share 245, as seen in the chart below.


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