The latest TV show about Silicon Valley is all about how to make it into the Bazillion Dollar Club

Brady forrest highway1Matt WeinbergerPCH International VP of Highway1 Brady Forrest

Hollywood’s latest interpretation of Silicon Valley is not about making it into the Three Comma club, but the Bazillion Dollar one.

The latest show about Silicon Valley is “The Bazillion Dollar Club” from SyFy. The six-episode docu-series isn’t a funny spoof on life here like HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” but Hollywood’s newest attempt to portray the real thing.

The cameras follow two startup incubator founders, 500 Startups’ Dave McClure and Highway1’s Brady Forrest, as they help coach companies to make it into what they call the Bazillion Dollar Club.

But, as Business Insider reporter Matt Weinberger noted when he attended Highway1’s demo day only to be greeted by cameras, what they may be filming is Silicon Valley’s own identity crisis and just how hard it is to make it in the startup world.

The show debuts on September 22 at 10pm. Here’s what the trailer looks like:


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