TV's Upfronts: What You Didn't Miss This Week

For the first time in a long time, we didn’t see a single minute of the broadcast networks’ upfronts sales pitches this year. Apparently, we didn’t miss a thing.

In a nod to the 100-day writers strike (and the specter of a likely actors strike) these were slimmed-down affairs, low on bombast and fun. And the boozy afterparties some of us relished? They’ve gone the way of the $10 million pilot.

So what did we miss? We assumed we’d be able to catch most of the pitches on the Web. But given that broadcast giants are desperate to prove they’re digital, it’s amazingly hard to find good footage of the proceedings online.

Still, here’s a sampling: We turned up a bootlegged clip of Conan O’Brien poking fun at his employers at NBC, and a montage of ABC’s shows. CBS and Sci Fi are disseminating pilot clips on YouTube (smart!). The highlights:

Conan O’Brien introduces NBC’s non-upfront:

Montage of ABC’s returning shows

CBS’s “The Mentalist”

Sci Fi’s “Battlestar Galactica” (final season)

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