MSN TV Portal Blames Strike For Feb. Swoon

The top online TV portals took a traffic nosedive in February, according to Nielsen data provided to the Hollywood Reporter. Reed Price, editor-in-chief of MSN TV blamed his site’s 16% drop-off on the effects of the writers strike; both AOL TV and Yahoo TV saw a fall-off in traffic as well.

Some solace to mourning “Jericho” fans: it was the top show in February on both AOL TV (TWX) and MSN TV (MSFT). The portals all carry some full-length, ad-supported TV episodes, and all of them just got a lot more content, since they’re now carrying Fox and NBC programming via Hulu.

Nielsen provides unique visitors to the TV sites; a better metric would be number of unique viewers of video and time spent. Nevertheless, February uniques and the change from January according to Nielsen Online:

AOL Television: 10.5m -5.1%
Yahoo TV: 9.6m -12.9%
MSN TV: 6.8m -16.3%

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