TV Networks Finally Figuring Out Internet: It’s A Great Advertising Platform!


It has taken TV networks more than a decade to learn that promoting web sites on television isn’t a recipe for online success.  The networks have finally figured out how to use the Internet to their benefit, however–by reversing the equation and using the Internet to promote television content.  NBC, Fox, and CBS will offer downloads and streams this fall.  ABC, meanwhile, is boycotting the medium, after concluding that Internet previews detract from premieres.

From Paidcontent: As the fall TV season approaches, most broadcasters are hoping to lure viewers by heavily promoting downloads of the new shows. The Hollywood Reporter surveys the offerings, finding that NBC is betting most aggressively that showing pilot episodes will ultimately draw viewers to primetime, while ABC is devoting its promotions away from the web, finding that such moves will only detract from the premieres. CBS is trying to maintain some secrecy of its online initiatives.

Next up on the learning curve: Don’t move Manhattan employees to New Jersey.