TV, Internet Still Not Connected

WSJ’s Nick Wingfield surveys the current state of affairs on the Internet-to-TV connection, or lack thereof. Mentioned companies: Apple, Akimbo, Building B, Brightcove, Joost, Hulu, TiVo, Microsoft, CSCO’s Scientific Atlanta, Verizon, AT&T, Netflix, Google, NBC, Sony and Vudu.

The story cites year-old data from Forrester showing 80% of U.S. households are “not interested at any price” in a device that would easily allow Internet video to be viewed on their TV sets. One wonders if that’s changed since last fall when the poll was taken. NBC says it streamed 50 million videos from (but unprofitably, you writers) in October; comScore says more than 9 billion vids were streamed in the U.S. in the same month.

But the bottom line probably still applies: “Until they make it easier to do than to simply get into a car and drive to the Blockbuster, these boxes aren’t going to take off,” says Forrester’s James McQuivey.

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