An Entire Tuscan Village Is Being Sold On Italian eBay For $3 Million

Tuscan Village Italy

Photo: eBay

If you haven’t been scrolling through the Italian eBay—and we’re guessing you haven’t been—you might be missing out on the chance to own a scenic Tuscan village, reports the TelegraphPratariccia, an 800-year-old hamlet 25 miles east of Florence, is currently listed on the eBay Italy for $3.1 million.

There are a few catches, though. For one, Pratariccia has been abandoned since the 1960s when younger residents fled and the older population dwindled, the Telegraph reports.

Unfortunately, this means that the village has lacked maintenance for quite some time and the original, gorgeous Tuscan stone has begun to crumble. The foliage is also wildly overgrown. 

Despite a few relatively minor hitches, Pratariccia still holds ample promise. It lies next to rolling hills, villages with medieval castles, and a national park containing the Arno River. 

Real estate representatives for the monastic order that currently owns the hamlet are advertising it as an ideal development property, perfect for resorts and retirement communities.

Local Italian officials, according to the Telegraph, are also hoping Pratariccia is quickly purchased and populated. They say that tourism and residency is what the struggling Italian economy could use more of.

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