An entire 154,139 square-foot Italian castle is on the market for $32 million

The Italian housing market is flooded with historical buildings that owners no longer want to pay taxes on or keep up, according to Curbed.

Fortunately, the upside to this comes in the form of a giant Italian castle brand new to the market.

There’s never been a better time to fulfil your dreams of owning 1556-acres of pristine Tuscan countryside in northern Italy with a 12th century castle on it. Just $US32 million nets you a 115-bedroom castello, with an olive grove, vineyard and rooms updated in the 18th century.

Sotheby’s International Realty has the listing.

The first thing you should know about this castle: It's absolutely huge.

By the numbers, the house has a whopping 154,139 square-feet of living space...

On an incredibly expansive 1556-acres of pristine Tuscan countryside in northern Italy.

The castle fills that huge number of square feet with 115 bedrooms!

Not to mention 100 bathrooms.

Many of the interior rooms were updated in the 18th century.

The updated rooms are rather beautiful, if a bit quaint

The details include exquisitely crafted ceiling carvings and a stone fireplace.

But the realtor notes that many of the rooms still 'remain medieval in their architectural style.'

There's plenty of space to enjoy the great outdoors around the castle.

More than 45 acres of vineyard surround the castello.

As well as a 1,500-tree olive grove.

The realtor notes that the huge amount of land could also be used for horses.

Not into tending groves or animals? Then just take a dip in one of four pools on the property. There are also two private lakes.

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